[FreeNX-kNX] first steps - how to get it working

Thomas Porschberg thomas at randspringer.de
Sat Mar 22 18:53:54 UTC 2008

Am Fri, 21 Mar 2008 21:56:22 +0100
schrieb Thomas Porschberg <thomas at randspringer.de>:

> Hi,
> I want to try freenx to do my home-work over OpenVPN.
> I installed at server side (SuSE 10.0 Linux) 
>  NXSERVER - Version 1.4.0-44 OS (GPL)
> and run 
> nxsetup --install --setup-nomachine-key --clean --purge
> At client side (Debian Etch) I installed 
>  nxclient_3.1.0-6_i386.deb
> When doing the first connection tries  I got an error which I
> could fix by applying the "backingstore patch" described here:
> http://openfacts.berlios.de/index-en.phtml?title=FreeNX_FAQ/Problem_Solving
> However I'm a bit confused about the lot of options offered by the
> nxclient program and actually could not connect to the server successful although
> the authentication is successful.
> At server side (SuSE) I run usually XDM as display manager (with blackbox as windowmanager).
> But when I choose the option  XDM for "Desktop" in the nxclient I get:
> "Session type unix-xdm not supported  by the server."
> So I choose 
>  Unix-Custom "Run the default X client script on server"
> and "new virtual desktop"
> and I get at client log:
> Info: Forwarding X11 connections to display ':0.0'.
> Session: Session started at 'Fri Mar 21 21:51:49 2008'.
> Warning: Cookie mismatch in the X authentication data.
> Session: Terminating session at 'Fri Mar 21 21:51:50 2008'.
> Info: Your session was closed before reaching a usable state.
> Info: This can be due to the local X server refusing access to the client.
> Info: Please check authorization provided by the remote X application.
> Session: Session terminated at 'Fri Mar 21 21:51:50 2008'.
> What should I do at server and client side to get it working ?
> I want continue to use "blackbox" as windowmanager.
> Thomas

I installed now the RPMs from nomachine at server side and all runs fine.
Cool software !

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