[FreeNX-kNX] my client-side shared printed doesn't appear in the KDE server side nxserver

michael at askus.fr michael at askus.fr
Mon Mar 10 16:40:56 UTC 2008


it's my first mail to th elist, i hope i will write it correctly (cause 
i'm french).

well, hum..the problem is that my local shared printer doensn't appear 
in the nxserver side. Worst, i am no error message.

Here is my configuration :

-client 1.5.0-138 under windows XP 32 french SP2 updated (the one 
compatible with opensource freenx server)
-server is the freenx 0.7.1 (last one)
-share folders is ok : samba runs perfectly in nxserver side when i 
share a local folder
-local printer (HP laserjet 2840) runs perfectly, and it is shared 
under windows, even to all the public !
remote machine (where nxserver is) is under debian etch.
xserver is KDE3
cups is installed (beeing after nxserver, maybe it the problem??)
i add a printer in KDE with cups (the same one like the local PC), and 
it runs too perfecly.
- in /etc/nxserver/node.conf  , the parameter ENABLE-KDE-CUPS is "1"

so, what is the problem ? what is very not normal is i have no error message !
Even when samba share folder didn't run, i had a message, but not for 
share printer !

So, thanks for all the help !


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