[FreeNX-kNX] FreeNX+QGIS: reproducible connection shut downs

Gregory Carter gcarter at aesgi.com
Thu Mar 6 13:15:52 UTC 2008

I am not totally sure, but it sounds like the same problem I have had 
when mixing 32bit/64bit clients and servers.

Can you perform the test on a 32bit NX server with a 32bit client?


Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> Dear All
> I've been having a very strange problem with FreeNX. Most of the time 
> connection is all OK.
> However, when I display more complex vector data in QGIS (a FOSS GIS 
> software) on the server via NX, which take some time to render, the 
> connection is shut down after about 1 second the rendering starts. The 
> client yields an error "The connection with the remote server was shut 
> down. Please check the state of your network connection."
> When I try to login back right after that I get to the point when 
> desktop is getting redrawn, until it's the QGIS window part - then 
> connection is shut down again. If I wait half a minute before loging 
> back, I get to the remote desktop OK, with the contents of QGIS window 
> rendered already. Once I refresh/resize it however, the connection gets 
> shut down again instantly.
> Now the funniest part - this all happens only when I set up connection 
> as MODEM/ISDN/ADSL/WAN. It never happens when the connection is set to 
> LAN. It doesn't depend whether I really connect to the server from the 
> local network or from home via adsl connection - "LAN" never 
> disconnects, other always do when displaying more vectors in QGIS. Using 
> same version of QGIS locally on same machines with same data works just 
> OK, but it breaks remote NX sessions as described.
> The problem is not dependent on client hardware either. Different 
> clients (Ubuntu Dapper i386, Ubuntu Gutsy i386/amd64, Debian testing 
> i386, Windows XP, 2000) and one server - same pattern. The server is 
> running amd64 Gutsy, freenx 0.7.1.
> Now using !M NX clients 3.1.06. The pattern was reproducible with 2.0 
> clients too. Disabling/enabling any options in the client does not 
> change anything.
> Any ideas what could be the culprit? It's driving me nuts. Please help. 
> Searching the ML archive and googling around didn't.
> If anybody is willing to try to reproduce the error, QGIS is really easy 
> to install for most platform, as described on [1]. The sample data to 
> reproduce the crash are at [2]. Just install QGIS, start it, "add 
> layer", point at the CROPA.shp from sample data - it should kaboom.
> [1]http://download.qgis.org/downloads.rhtml
> [2]http://www.biol.uni.wroc.pl/sieczka/udostepnione/vmap0.tar.bz2
> If I can give more info by providing some logs please let me know.
> Cheers
> Maciek
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