[FreeNX-kNX] Problem to redisplay Win4Lin

Murray Trainer mtrainer at central-data.net
Tue Feb 26 01:52:33 UTC 2008

> Hi All,
> I am very much impressed by NoMachine/FreeNX... it's so fast, and it 
> requires a minimum in configuration.
> I am trying to run win4lin Terminal Server (wts), a commecial product that 
> is not supported anymore but still serves me well in the educational 
> environment.
> It's a bit of a weird setup: I run win4lin on Ubuntu Breezy, because of 
> some kernel issues, but that whole thing runs in kvm/qemu on a Ubuntu 
> Gutsy (32bit) host.
> I am trying to connect from the host, via nxclient/freenx to the kvm 
> guest, and it works wonderful! But as soon as I start win4lin, I am don't 
> see the win4lin window, altough it is running somewhere in the dark 
> corners of X. 
> If I use tightvnc, win4lin is displayed as should. Also, on the kvm guest 
> (which displays it's 'console' in an X window on the host) I can start 
> win4lin without problems.
> I had some problems with fonts, at first, but I think I tackled them by 
> using xfs, a font server.
> Someone suggested that the problem was becasue win4lin uses old technology 
> for the display, i.e. Motif; but the 'xmpuzzels' (like xmpanex) run 
> perfectly over freenx.
> I am very curious to hear your toughts about this issue.
> Cheers
> ace
> Hi,

Try changing some of the Display settings in the NX client.  That might



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