[FreeNX-kNX] Load balancing with FreeNX

Rajesh Kumar Mallah mallah at tradeindia.com
Thu Jun 21 20:02:06 UTC 2007

> Hi Mallah,
> Could you please explain a little bit more about the shared session
> storage and how you have it setup? I saw a document saying either we can
> setup forwarding on all the FreeNX backend servers to forward all the
> requests to the frontend load-balance server or setup shared sessions. I
> tried doing "forwarding" from the slave servers to the frontend server,
> but did not see any difference.
My personal experience was that the documentation of setting
up load balancing is not up to the mark for someone doing it
for the first time.

I do not have in depth knowledge abt the FreeNX . fortunately
nxserver of FreeNX itself is a shell script so reading it does
provide help in debugging / understanding.

nxserver use the folder /var/lib/nxserver/db for storing session
status and information. for session persistence an use should be
connected to same server where his (suspended) session exists.
for this the session storage space should be available to the
load balancer as well as the participating servers. we achieved
it here via NFS (note this is not the best way , some one used a
RDBMS for that !!). However if u do not need session persistence
forget abt this shared stuff to start with.

I find the comments in node.conf confusing , i dumped it and read
the code of nxserver instead , it was more helpful *as far as load
balancing is concerned*

i have not done round-robin , i did "load" method that required
setting up of password less communication between the load
balancer and rest of servers. it was required so that scripts
can be run on the rest of servers for probing their "fitness"
(weight) for serving the client.

overall this process is interesting and challenging
i regret that due to short of time i cannot give exact answer
of ur question at the moment all i can say is that ITS DOABLE.
and IT WORKS. all the best


> Thanks,
> Prakash

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