[FreeNX-kNX] FreeNX server unusable with Mac client

Christopher Mc Carthy anotherchris at gmail.com
Sat May 6 21:40:38 UTC 2006

Has anyone got the NoMachine Mac client to work with FreeNX?  I've got the
same problem as these guys
http://lists.apple.com/archives/x11-users/2006/Apr/msg00072.html ("Re:
garbled keyboard in nx client"), namely keyboard output on the FreeNX server
is garbage.  This makes FreeNX currently unusable for me :(

My Server
OS = Debian (Knoppix 4.02 CD installed to HDD)
nxserver = NX> 100 NXSERVER - Version 1.4.0-44 OS (GPL)
freenx = Knoppix ones:
    (from /usr/lib/nx/nxsetup) # CVS: $Id: nxsetup,v 1.31 2005/08/02
17:29:59 fabianx Exp $)
    (from /usr/lib/nx/nxsever) # CVS: $Id: nxserver,v 1.74 2005/08/02
15:39:32 fabianx Exp $)

Mac = NX Client for Mac OS X Version 1.5.0-140
Win client = NX Client for Windows Version 1.5.0-138

The windows client is working fine.  SSH is working fine from both Windows
and Mac, no keyboard problems.  On 2nd April I registered for a test drive
account from NoMachine, and shortly afterwards I connected my Mac client to
testdrive.nomachine.com.  No keyboard problems.

I've googled and searched the mailing lists, and apart from the two guys on
the Apple mailing list, no one else seems to be having this problem.

I'm running Mac OS X.4 Tiger if that's of any relevance.

Can anyone help?
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