[FreeNX-kNX] HELP: Authentication Completed ... Negotiating link parameters ... Connection timeout

Jonathan Chen jonachen at cisco.com
Thu Feb 24 17:22:04 UTC 2005

> > Now my question is, how should I resolve the problem if the 
> cause of 
> > my NX login is the NFS server?  It's strange that NX did not work 
> > while I am still able to log in via regular ssh and see all 
> the files in my home dir.
> Well you might be able to see them, but are you also able to 
> access them all?

I'm tilting toward yes, but can not really confirm until the problems comes
back again.

> > I would like a solution where users are able to log in even 
> if there 
> > is an NFS issue where the users home dir is located.
> Ok, but thats not easy to do.
> Please open up a FR, that you would like to have a 
> possibility to store session infos in /tmp/.nx/<username>/.
> I think this would solve your problems.
That's the idea of what I thought up.  Storing NX session on local drive
then on the nfs server.  Creating symlinks for all users all the time might
be too much of a trouble???  Unless there is an option in nxserver to
redirect all users to /var/tmp.   

Where do I go to create a feature request?  In a way its already there if
its possible to put all those sessions in /var/lib/nxserver/ dir with
another dir created called "nxusers."

drwx------    2 nx       root        20480 Feb 23 17:25 closed
drwx------    2 nx       root         4096 Feb 23 16:05 failed
drwx------    3 nx       root         4096 Jan 29 01:17 nxhome
drwx------    2 nx       root         4096 Feb 23 18:04 running

Just looking into these dirs tell me nx saves all its sessions or most
recent ones???  

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