[FreeNX-kNX] always resume, fail if can't resume, don't create a new session

Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Wed Aug 10 00:24:32 UTC 2005

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Am Mittwoch, 10. August 2005 02:20 schrieb Sunil:
> > To apply for the new "policy":
> >
> > - - What did you expect the software to do?
> 1. do not start a new session if the resume of the
> previous session failed.

Stability problem.

> 2. disconnect the connected session and resume on the
> new client.

Feature request.

> > - - What did actually happen?
> 1. it started a new session when the previous session
> was present but resume failed, and because KDE's
> ~/.kde/ directory is shared by both sessions, the
> result was a corrupted ~/.kde dir and lost settings.


> 2. it created a new session when I already had a
> session with the same name and config file, which was
> connected from another client. It led to similar
> ~/.kde issues as in 1.

Suspending of running sessions is not supported in FreeNX at the moment. It is 
present and supported in !M NX though.

> > - - What do you suspect might be the problem?
> > (optional)
> 1. the problem is that the resume failed for some
> reason and it started a new KDE session, when KDE from
> previous session was still running.

Yes, but the session information must have got lost.

> 2. the problem is that if the session is not marked
> suspended, it can not be resumed. And there is no way
> to ask it to 'disconnect the current client and resume
> on this new client'.

Yes, you are right this is a FEATURE REQUEST which is present in BerliOS 
tracker since a long time.

> I hope my one-liner is now a clearer requirement.
> Please let me know if it makes sense, because I feel
> strongly about these properties of a remote desktop
> server.

Sure I do understand the need for the features, but I must admit that FreeNX 
can't give them to you at the moment.

You might consider buying the commercial server though or adding some patches.


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