[FreeNX-kNX] Add UID switch patch

Mike Kost mike at tashcorp.net
Sat Oct 23 21:32:37 UTC 2004

This is a resend now that I'm a member of the mailing list...

When I was playing around with freeNX on my network at work, I started
running into global UID conflicts because we're running with NIS and
network passwords. I needed to specify the UID for the nx user when it was
written into my local /etc/passwd file so that it wouldn't cause trouble
for our IT guy -- largest UID+1 is not an acceptable solution.

The attached patch allows you to specify the nx user UID when it's created.

The patch file is against a stock freenx-0.2.5

- Allow nx user UID to be specified on command line
- Upgrade switch processing to allow multiple command line switches - Add
--uid switch comment to --help display

Mike Kost
mike at tashcorp dot net
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