NX Security (was [FreeNX-kNX] Re: got: "cannot create directory `/home/.nx'")

freenx at mikebell.org freenx at mikebell.org
Tue Oct 19 23:27:21 UTC 2004

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 01:04:50AM +0200, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> Just a speculation: could it be the case that semi-anonyomous
> first-time mails on any mailing list, with no sender-name 
> given by the requester, no intro salutation and now "Bye"
> aren't just as attractive to deal with (regardless of any
> valued content they may have)?
> Humans (or at least many of them) tend to value some minimal
> amount of politeness, as much as it may suck for the one who
> gets disregarded because of his perceived rudeness.... 

Could very well be. Wouldn't be surprised at all. I brought it up more
in the hopes that linking it to an active thread might get me an answer
than because it was particularly crucial to the subject at hand. :)

That said, providing an explanation of that detail might help quiet some
of the complaining. With details of how to use the "SSL forwarding"
feature, users who don't feel comfortable with the NX user and other
controversial aspects of the NX system could bypass them and do it
themselves (presumably. Again, I don't know how it works yet so I'm only

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