[FreeNX-kNX] cannot start console or xterm

andreas loeffler al_meil at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 15 16:42:44 UTC 2004

--- Rick Stout <rick_stout at ureach.com> wrote:

> Things never look the same written as you intend them in your head. I
> meant to say 0.2.4, and was thinking 1.4.0, and it came out 2.4.0. So
> let me clarify: The problem that he is having is related the freenx 
> version. The freenx rpm is based on 0.2.4, and the nx rpm is based on
> 1.4.0 snapshot six.
> After tonight (maybe tomorrow?) there will be new freenx rpm's
> released 
> for the 0.2.5. I am certain though that his problem was related to it
> being an early nxserver/freenx release.

correct i saw the fix i figured out already being in version 0.2.4 and
now the latest 0.2.5
however i still have some trouble regarding the window size of the
started xterm, it's a small window within a black window that has the
size setup in the nxclient (i use the nomachine nxclient)
is this something others noticed as well ?
i'll try to investigate further as time permits.

regarding contribution ... has there any work started related to a
implementaion in C ?


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