[FreeNX-kNX] why should i have nxclient on my nx-server?

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Fri Oct 8 13:41:39 UTC 2004

Christian Fischer wrote:

> Some times ago I've tested nxserver-0.1, worked fine. Now i'd like to use it 
> for production. 

Be aware that this is still *Beta* quality software (this is true for
the NX/NoMachine core libraries as well as for FreeNX server).

> The gentoo ebuild depends nxclient. Well, I don't like to 
> have nxclient on an server,

Like it or not.....

> i don't need it.

...you *do* need it (because it is a dependency if you want a fully
working FreeNX server.)

The NoMachine/NX server versions also require to install the NoMachine
NX Client first (before the NX Server). Server and Client use some of
the same libraries, and the libraries are shipped with the Client, but
not the server. Also, some of the code which makes GUI messages appear
to the user interface are embedded in the client.

> Looking for the latest sources 
> (is it?) i found 
> http://www.kalyxo.org/debian/pool/f/freenx/freenx_0.2.4-3.tar.gz
> The INSTALL told me that i "should also install the nxclient from NoMachine or 
> also copy the nxclient program from freenx-0.2."

INSTALL is correct.

If you install nxclient from the freenx-0.x.x package. you'll get
your messages displayed via an "XDialog" box. (Some think this looks
ugly. But it works and you don't need NX Client.)

If you install NX Client from NoMachine, you'll get the messages
displayed in a nicer GUI. (Some think it is bloat.)

If you dont install either of these two, you'll miss some of the
messages and dialogs (to be confirmed with "yes" or "no" or "cancel")
and your FreeNX server will not work will all functionality.

> Please, what's the reason that you recommend to install nxclient?

You can also look into the nxclient source code. It is a Bash
script which tells you what ita does in the code...  ;-)

> Christian


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