volunteer translator/interpreter

Florian Nadge fnadge at redhat.com
Thu Jul 14 15:21:01 CEST 2011

I am technical writer with Red Hat and am planning to attend this year's 
Desktop summit. If you still need help with translating and/or 
interpreting I'd be glad to help. I am an English native speaker and 
have experience translating and interpreting from German, Czech, and 
Slovak into English.


Florian Nadge

Technical Writer | Engineering Content Services

Brno Office—(+420) 532 294 327 | mob.: (+420) 603 764 858
Red Hat Czech s.r.o. | Purkyňova 99/71
612 45 Brno | Czech Republic
mail to—fnadge at redhat.com
Time zone: CEST
irc nick: fnadge (#docs, #berrata, #devel)

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