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From: Sebastian Kuegler <sebas at kde.org>
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Date: Sunday 10/Aug/2008, @10:21

JOLIE to Bring Service-Oriented Computing to KDE

   Fabrizio Montesi of italianaSoftware showed at Akademy
[http://akademy.kde.org/conference/presentation/5.php] how JOLIE
[http://jolie.sourceforge.net/] brings new ways of interaction through
the network to KDE. One of his examples is the ECOS media controller
that organises control of your multimedia player (in our case that's
Amarok of course) through web interfaces, handheld devices and other
applications. JOLIE takes care of synchronising and concerting all those
different interfaces.

     Another use-case would be Vision, a service that distributes
presentations over the network. Vision enables you to show a
presentation on different computers or devices and follow what is being
browsed and annotated. Montesi's blog has a screencast showing off this
wonderful new way of collaborating over the network. More use-cases
include e-commerce offerings through geo-located services and
distribution of Plasma applets via a JOLIE-powered peer to peer network.
Imagine you travel to Mechelen and JOLIE offers a localised desktop with
interesting events, restaurants, hotels at your fingertips.

     JOLIE is being integrated into Plasma as we speak. Montesi
announced the availability of JOLIE in KDE 4.2, slated for January 2009,
so writing applets that do neat things over the network will become
really easy. Another alleged goal of Montesi is to kick Angeline Jolie
from her first position in Google's search results when entering

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