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From: Sebastian Kuegler <sebas at kde.org>
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Date: Sunday 10/Aug/2008, @10:20

KDE PIM Hackers Present Integration of KDE 4 Frameworks

   In the final presentation of the talk days at KDE's yearly world
summit Akademy, the KDE PIM hackers surprised the KDE community with a
couple of announcements, covering nearly all aspects of PIM related data
handling. After demonstrating the Kontact suite on Windows and Mac OS
during this year's LinuxTag, the KDE PIM team continues to raise the bar
for competitors on the enterprise desktop.

     The Plasmobiff Plasmoid displays PIM information on the desktop,
making it trivial to show e-mails on your desktop. Bertjan Broeksema
talked about how KPilot aims to bring Palm Pilot data into Akonadi and
back in KDE 4.2.

     In another Summer of Code projects George Goldberg has targeted
merging Kopete with Decibel. Kopete will use KDE 4's realtime
communications framework Decibel, with Akonadi to store Instant
Messaging data, Nepomuk and Strigi to index, search and make more sense
of your communications. Decibel represents individual people, and merges
data from your address book, instant messaging, e-mail and virtually
every bit of data you have on your computer. It allows applications to
show the data in the comprehensive concept of a "Person".

     Kevin Krammer talked about re-using existing groupware plugins from
KDE 3 and hooking them up with Akonadi. The immediate benefit will be
that the groupware servers (or more general PIM resources) that were
supported in KDE 3 will also be available for KDE 4 applications with
very few changes. Another benefit is the smooth migration path for your
PIM data and applications when you decide to switch to Akonadi. Note
that the features and additions mentioned here are not part of KDE's
releases yet, but will be in the future.

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