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Arnd Vollbracht avollbracht at gmx.de
Thu May 25 16:23:19 BST 2023

Dear friends and heroes!

It's great to have Showfoto. However there are three features that could
be even better:

  * Perspective adjustment works with straight lines. It would be great
    if I optionally could make it work with Bezier curves instead to
    correct pincushion distortions in the same go.
  * BCG Correction works on the whole image and treats all areas the
    same. It would be great if I optionally could define spots in
    corners and in the center with defined BCG Correction parameters and
    have quadratic changeovers in between.
  * Likewise there should exist a 1 bit b/w color conversion optionally
    with illumination and black value ranges for spots defined in
    corners and in the center.

I'd like to support this by programming it myself. Unfortunately I won't
be able to within the next years due to my studies and Wikipedia
activities. So please take these as suggestions joined with gratitude
for the work you do and have already done.

All the best!

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