WONDERING: Import from scanner in Windows 11 environment

James Orr james.orr at orrenterprises.us
Mon May 29 21:04:11 BST 2023

I'm doing a bit of scanning for old family photos. I am using a Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II. I started by using the Canon scanner software, then upgraded to VueScan. I use Windows 11 Pro.

The Digikam instructions are effusive in the capabilities of Digikam to import from a scanner. It is not clear to me at all how to use this capability on my system, given that the choice does not exist in the IMPORT menu. Searching around for information on the scanner drivers that Digikam uses, it appears to me that they are available for different flavors of Unix, and for MAC. It appears that the drivers for Windows are "in development."

Am I missing something? Maybe there is a step that I have not yet taken.

I welcome guidance through this forest.
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