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Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Sun May 14 08:55:24 BST 2023

On dimanche 14 mai 2023 09:49:55 CEST frederic chaume wrote:
> Hi all
> Since I have installed DK8 I have new problem with tags set from an
> external application (DXO).
> I have reused the same configuration that was working with DK7.10,
> (reuse the same order in the tag namespace : (Xmp.lr.hierarchicalSubject
> , Xmp.dc.subject, Xmp.digiKam.TagsList , ...)
> and when I look at the exiv2 of the jpg generated by DXO , I can see the
> correct tag list from the command :
>  > exiv2.exe -px P5240081_Dxo-1.jpg
> ....
> Xmp.digiKam.TagsList                         XmpSeq     10
> Paysage/tempete, Best-of, images, Best-of/expos, Paysage, pays/Bretagne,
> pays/Bretagne/ile grande, pays,
> ...
> Xmp.dc.subject                               XmpBag     11  Best-of,
> Bretagne, Paysage, expos, , ile grande, images,  tempete
> ...
> Xmp.lr.hierarchicalSubject                   XmpBag     11  Best-of,
> Best-of|expos, , Paysage, Paysage|tempete, images, , pays|Bretagne,
> pays|Bretagne|ile grande
> but when I look at the file in DK8, no tag are displayed and in the menu
> "metadata" on the right sidebar, the sections IPTC, XMP are empty and
> the exif section is not empty but no tags are visible
> I have checked that the tags are correctly visible in DK for the
> original Raw file
> Any ideas? Did I missed something?
> PS: I'm running DK on windows
Do you modify the raw file with DXO, or does it generate a sidecar file?

If it generates a sidecar, have you tried selecting the images concerned in 
digikam and reread the metadata?

For the devs: does digikam read existing sidecars on importing a new image 
into its database?


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