tags not visible

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Sun May 14 08:49:55 BST 2023

Hi all

Since I have installed DK8 I have new problem with tags set from an 
external application (DXO).
I have reused the same configuration that was working with DK7.10, 
(reuse the same order in the tag namespace : (Xmp.lr.hierarchicalSubject 
, Xmp.dc.subject, Xmp.digiKam.TagsList , ...)
and when I look at the exiv2 of the jpg generated by DXO , I can see the 
correct tag list from the command :

 > exiv2.exe -px P5240081_Dxo-1.jpg
Xmp.digiKam.TagsList                         XmpSeq     10 
Paysage/tempete, Best-of, images, Best-of/expos, Paysage, pays/Bretagne, 
pays/Bretagne/ile grande, pays,
Xmp.dc.subject                               XmpBag     11  Best-of, 
Bretagne, Paysage, expos, , ile grande, images,  tempete
Xmp.lr.hierarchicalSubject                   XmpBag     11  Best-of, 
Best-of|expos, , Paysage, Paysage|tempete, images, , pays|Bretagne, 
pays|Bretagne|ile grande

but when I look at the file in DK8, no tag are displayed and in the menu 
"metadata" on the right sidebar, the sections IPTC, XMP are empty and 
the exif section is not empty but no tags are visible
I have checked that the tags are correctly visible in DK for the 
original Raw file

Any ideas? Did I missed something?
PS: I'm running DK on windows

thanks for your help


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