Set lens make+model metadata

Donald Samuels don at
Wed May 10 21:14:27 BST 2023

I use something like this exiftool script and get the copyright in as well:

exiftool -Artist="Don Samuels" \
"-Copyright=Don Samuels 2023" \
"-ProfileCopyright=Don Samuels 2023" \
"-CopyrightNotice=Don Samuels 2023" \
"-FocalLength=154.70297 mm" \
-LensMake="WilliamsOptics" \
-LensModel="RedCat 51" \
-fnumber=4.9 \
$1 -overwrite_original

On 5/10/2023 2:01 PM, Frédéric Cordonier wrote:
> Hello,
> With nowadays mirrorless cameras, it becomes possible and common to use
> legacy lenses that cannot transmit metadata to cameras. In addition,
> some of these lenses have their entries in lens correction tools
> (lensfun) database. In order to make them recognized automatically by
> raw converters (e.g. Darktable or ART), I would like to define lens
> metadata in the image files. I found in Digikam the possibility to
> define focal and aperture, but is there a way to define make and model?
> I use Digikam 7.9.0 on Kubuntu and/or Digikam 8.0.0 on Windows 11.
> Thanks,
> Fred Cordonier

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