Fwd: Manage front / back side of photos

Corey Fedoravic V core5fedora at gmail.com
Wed May 3 00:01:00 BST 2023

I would first want to know *what is your definition* of:
"*effectively handle*"  in the context of "*a collection like this"? *

For me, effectively handling them might be as simple as creating a folder
tree. put 2 images per folder n sort alphanum. Wouldn't matter what
software, style/ filters applied later, or whatever you ultimately wish to
do with the product of your work, the originals will be there, paird

*A collection like this:*
With handwritten comments, it sounds probably personal, or dear to you. Is
this something you want to keep private or would a cloud-based service for
photo organization be satisfactory? Are you going to have to take into
consideration things like "do i want to use X-Y-Z (by Adobacromedia ), if i
can't preserver A-B-C (the quality of my .image-dot-type) anything
dynamic about
my situation?"

The resounds as a matter of personal preference regarding (how do you want
to manage, or effectively handle) this *particular *collection of paired
images. Seems to expect us to understand how you typically handle an
important (assumed) collection, and I don't think anyone could give you
better advice than yourself about that.

Of course, it's always good to consult others, especially when we're
subject to tech!


Example: This is an OLD pic i scanned on a junk scanner. But, that's most
"original" version I have of them (also, result of very quick HDD search),
so i keep them like that (bad example because bad quality, but you get the
idea-- maintaining quality being at least partial concern)..
I realize these are two sides of the same möbius, but if you combined your
scans (as if you scanned "front" and "back" to a single "image" media) then
you'd just have a single media file. i realize that goes w/out saying.
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