Open multiple files in RawTherapee from Digikam

Benoit benoitlst at
Mon Mar 27 09:44:30 BST 2023


Je suis complètement débutant avec digikam

After sorting and indexing the raw images in Digikam, I want to select the ones
I will develop with RawTherapee, ART or Darktable.

What is the best way to open and process a selection of raw files in another

I've tried Ctrl_A to select all images matching the sort, right click-> Open
with → RawTherapee, but that may not be the right method.

When I do this, RawTherapee opens as many windows as files.

I just want to sort the images I want to develop in Digikam, then batch process
them in RawTherapee.

What is the correct way to go from cataloging in Digikam to developing in
RawTherapee, ART or Darktable?

Thanks in advance


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