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Fri Mar 31 00:47:03 BST 2023

I have searched the documentation, FAQs and the last few months of the 
Digikam-users archives to find the answer but I couldn't, hence this thread.

I am trying to import pictures from a PC folder (all pictures in the one 
temp folder - this is a copy of my DCIM folder from my phone) into my 
Digikam collection/album which is stored in another PC folder with 
year/month/date subfolder structure. I only have one album.

The problem is that I have to browse to my temp folder ***every*** time 
I import "add images". I am sure that some time ago in the browse window 
I had 2 pre-selected folders in the left hand side. Now I only have one. 
I think it might have been a "camera folder" but disappeared when I 
deleted my camera folders (which are PC folders and not real cameras). I 
would like to add my temp folder to the list of pre-defined folders so 
that I don't have to browse into a fairly nested folder structure.

I had this problem in 7.9.0 and I am still having the same problem in 
the latest 8.0.0 pre-release.

My intended workflow is

 1. Connect phone to PC
 2. Copy all new pictures to temporary PC folder
 3. Using Windows File Explorer I look at the pictures in the temp
    folder and delete pictures that I don't like
 4. Import the temp folder pictures into my Digikam album using
    "Import-->Add Images..."
 5. Delete files from phone that are not in Digikam

Under Settings->Devices I tried to "Add..." my temp folder by filling in 
the "Camera Title" and "Camera Mount Path" to the temp folder. I have 
setting "Camera Port Type" to nothing selected and also with USB 
selected. At the "Devices" tab I now have my 2 "camera" settings with 
titles, model=<blank>,port=usb: on one and blank on the other, 
path=<temp folder> on both. I cannot resize the columns and the path 
field only shows the first 50 characters or so and ends in "..." so I 
can't confirm the full path. At the "Devices" tab if I select one of my 
"temp folder camera" entries and select "Edit..." I do not get my 
original fields to edit, but instead the fields are all blank. Not sure 
if that is another bug

Under Settings-->Configure digiKam...-->Camera-->Behaviour I have ticked 
"Use a default target album to download from camera" and selected the 
root album (which has year folders underneath).

I tried Import-->Cameras-->select either one of my "camera temp folder" 
entries but both show "Failed to connect to the camera. Please make sure 
it is connected properly and turned on" with a "Retry" button.

I finally got things working by Import-->Add Images...-->browse to the 
temp folder in the popup "Select Folder to Parse - digiKam"-->select a 
few files from different dates-->Download-->Download Selected. However, 
I always have to browse to the temp folder. I can't seem to get it to 
remember this folder as a favourite on the left hand side.

For reference, in the "Add Images" window clicking Device->Information 
shows the following...

    "Mounted Camera" driver for USB/IEEE1394 mass storage cameras and
    Flash disk card readers.

    Title: "Images found in C:/Users/<snipped-for-privacy>/Copied from
    cameras and phones for Digikam/Mobile Phone"

    Model: "directory browse"

    Port: "Fixed"

    Path: "C:/Users/<snipped-for-privacy>/Copied from cameras and phones
    for Digikam/Mobile Phone"

    UUID: "52962483"

    Thumbnails: "yes"

    Capture image: "no"

    Delete items: "yes"

    Upload items: "yes"

    Create directories: "yes"

    Delete directories: "yes"

The Settings tab on the right hand side says...

    File Renaming Options

        Camera filenames

    Auto-creation of Albums

        Date-based sub-albums

        Date format: Custom


    <everything else blank>

When I select "Download Selected" my selected pictures are copied into 
my album with year/year-month-day folders and are imported correctly.

I hope I have described everything that might have an influence on this 

Thanks for reading and any help

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