face detection performance

Thomas sdktda at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 09:06:05 BST 2023

On 2023-03-29 09:54, frederic chaume wrote:
> Is it the performance I should expect ? Is there a way to improve the 
> performance ?

I will be following this thread as I also notice the face 
detection/recognition being surprisingly slow. I have an order of 
magnitude more pictures in my collection than you. And my collection is 
located on a network share. So we are talking days or weeks to run a 
full scan.

I also noticed that most cores go underutilized. Same with network 
throughput - it is quite low. I have thought that it might be the NAS 
server being the bottleneck but I have done careful analysis of that and 
the disks are not busy in it and not obvious bottleneck was found on the 
machine hosting the network shares.

I have several clients using my collection. Each have their own digikam 
deployment and local digikam db files stored on fast local SSDs.

All clients are fast computers with modern hardware. Example spec is 
core i7 with 64 GB RAM and SSD. Other clients are 2022 MacBooks with M1 


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