face detection performance

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 08:54:12 BST 2023

Hi All

I'm wondering about performance of face detection.

Yesterday I started a "detect and recognize faces" from maintenance 
tools with option "skip already scanned" and select pictures with a 
particular tag (~25000 pictures)
it started and jump quickly to 21% but after ~18hs it moved only to 23% 
( 2% is approximately 500 pictures)
so I canceled it this morning and start a new process from the people 
management menu with a much more limited scope (tag represent ~300 pictures)
for the "detect face" it took ~45' , and for the "recognize face" it 
took a couple of minutes

for all those steps I used the "work on all core" , I have a ryzen 5 
with 16G RAM and I have also a graphic card but seems not used. The 
database is located on SSD and the pictures are on a HDD
using DK 7.10 on windows 10

Is it the performance I should expect ? Is there a way to improve the 
performance ?

thanks for your help

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