problem with tags in hierarchy

Maik Qualmann metzpinguin at
Sun Mar 26 12:38:40 BST 2023

Am Sonntag, 26. März 2023, 12:54:32 CEST schrieb frederic chaume:
> Hi all
> I have a strange behavior with the hierarchical tags
> I wanted to set a tag externaly in DXO and then expecting to see it in
The settings in the advanced metadata for keywords in digiKam are decisive. By 
default in digiKam for dc:subject there is only a flat list without a path. For 
example, move lr:hierarchicalSubject to the top of the list. The list is 
processed from top to bottom until metadata is found. In digiKam-8.0.0 it is 
possible to save and load metadata settings profiles. Give me a sample image 
from DXO with all metadata set that is possible in the program (pick label, 
color label, tags, etc.) I then create a pre-configured DXO profile for 


> Digikam (using DK 7.10 under windows 10) with the correct hierarchy but
> I that wasn't the case in DK
> So I did  the same with 2 tags in 2 different hierarchy and I see a
> different result depending on the tag I used.
> In one case the tag is well presented in its hierarchy in DK (seen in
> the caption) but for the other it is presented as a flat list
> when I check the XMP the <lr:hierarchicalSubject> is consistent as well
> as the <dc:subject>, but in the <digiKam:TagsList> I see only the
> hierachical tag which is correctly presented  but not the one which is
> presented as a flat list
> I can share off line the XMP file
> in the settings / metadata/ advanced / tag the order is the following : 
> dc.subject, then  digikam.Taglists, microsoftphoto,
> lr.hierarchicalSubject, mediapor, acdsee, IPTC.application,
> exifimage.Xpkeywords
> thanks for your help
> Frederic

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