[digiKam-users] face tagging persistently ignore a face

Marc Palaus marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 3 13:50:11 GMT 2023

I believe I just went to the Tag panel, selected all the pictures under 
the "Ignored" tag and removed the tag from there. I think it shouldn't 
affect the "Ignored" classification in the face tags, but I did that a 
few months ago and I don't remember exactly what I did. But I definitely 
didn't use any external tool. Maybe you could try with just a few 
pictures and see if they still appear under the "Ignored" category in faces?

El 3/3/23 a les 8:47, Travis Kelley ha escrit:
> I wasn't aware of that bug.  I did validate it did that in the past, 
> and the bug you pasted seems to agree, but I haven't specifically 
> validated that lately (since that bug was patched) and the pictures 
> that were once updated with that tag still have it obviously.  It 
> seems that the fix implemented in that bug would cause ignored faces 
> to behave the way you would expect.  I assume that since they are 
> saved in the digikam database, as long as you keep the same database 
> they will not be re-detected by future detection runs even if run 
> against the same picture.  I wonder how someone in my situation can 
> easily remove the ignored tag from the 1300 pictures I have that have 
> that tag stored in the metadata?  I hate to delete them in digikam as 
> I don't want them to be removed from the digikam database and then 
> have to re-ignore them.  Maybe exiftool would be the easiest method?
> Separately on the question of "matching" ignored faces.  I currently 
> have 41 faces that have been "recognized" as matches to existing faces 
> that I have not confirmed in my ignored group in digikam (some as 
> recent as Nov of last year).  It seems to me that once you mark a face 
> as ignored, digikam does match future faces against that group.  I can 
> only imagine that the trained model for the ignored face is a mess 
> because there are many different faces inside that one group.
> On Thu, Mar 2, 2023 at 12:34 PM Marc Palaus <marcpalaus at hotmail.com> 
> wrote:
>         Adding blurry face regions to the "ignored" tag will cause
>         other things to match those later.  I've seen real people that
>         appear in multiple photos get "matched/recognized" against a
>         name of "ignored" because they were ignored in previous runs.
>     Are you sure about that? I have never been suggested any face to
>     the "Ignored" group (and I have tagged thousands of pictures). In
>     the past, when you clicked on ignore, that "Ignored" would be
>     saved in the metadata, but it was fixed last September
>     (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=459537). I'd recommend you
>     delete that Ignored face region from the pictures they currently
>     have it, so those faces don't appear in other programs like
>     Pigallery2. In theory, the ignored tag shouldn't be used for the
>     face training (can a developer confirm that?).
>     As I said, I never had this issue. Clicking the red cross will
>     just remove that face from digikam (although if the picture is
>     scanned again, it will be re-detected), and the Ignore just hides
>     them into their own category, but without writing anything to the
>     pictures either.
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