[digiKam-users] face tagging persistently ignore a face

Travis Kelley rhatguy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 13:47:22 GMT 2023

I wasn't aware of that bug.  I did validate it did that in the past, and
the bug you pasted seems to agree, but I haven't specifically validated
that lately (since that bug was patched) and the pictures that were once
updated with that tag still have it obviously.  It seems that the fix
implemented in that bug would cause ignored faces to behave the way you
would expect.  I assume that since they are saved in the digikam database,
as long as you keep the same database they will not be re-detected by
future detection runs even if run against the same picture.  I wonder how
someone in my situation can easily remove the ignored tag from the 1300
pictures I have that have that tag stored in the metadata?  I hate to
delete them in digikam as I don't want them to be removed from the digikam
database and then have to re-ignore them.  Maybe exiftool would be the
easiest method?

Separately on the question of "matching" ignored faces.  I currently have
41 faces that have been "recognized" as matches to existing faces that I
have not confirmed in my ignored group in digikam (some as recent as Nov of
last year).  It seems to me that once you mark a face as ignored, digikam
does match future faces against that group.  I can only imagine that the
trained model for the ignored face is a mess because there are many
different faces inside that one group.

On Thu, Mar 2, 2023 at 12:34 PM Marc Palaus <marcpalaus at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Adding blurry face regions to the "ignored" tag will cause other things to
> match those later.  I've seen real people that appear in multiple photos
> get "matched/recognized" against a name of "ignored" because they were
> ignored in previous runs.
> Are you sure about that? I have never been suggested any face to the
> "Ignored" group (and I have tagged thousands of pictures). In the past,
> when you clicked on ignore, that "Ignored" would be saved in the metadata,
> but it was fixed last September (
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=459537). I'd recommend you delete
> that Ignored face region from the pictures they currently have it, so those
> faces don't appear in other programs like Pigallery2. In theory, the
> ignored tag shouldn't be used for the face training (can a developer
> confirm that?).
> As I said, I never had this issue. Clicking the red cross will just remove
> that face from digikam (although if the picture is scanned again, it will
> be re-detected), and the Ignore just hides them into their own category,
> but without writing anything to the pictures either.
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