Problem Writing Metadata.

Maik Qualmann metzpinguin at
Sun Jun 4 19:58:41 BST 2023

In order to activate the writing of metadata in HEIF files, writing with 
ExifTool must be activated in the digiKam settings under metadata. Due to a 
bug, I only recommend the setting from digiKam-8.1.0.

A pre-release version can be downloaded here:


Am Sonntag, 4. Juni 2023, 19:30:20 CEST schrieb Bob Birenbaum:
> Hello,
> I use Digikam for basic photo cataloging.  Typically all I do is add
> captions to images and videos, and sometimes change the date/time tag, as
> shown here.
> [cid:ae42be1f-9b88-48d4-b431-7eb329f8ee5b]
> In the past, when I've done this, I could also go into the file on Windows
> 10, look at properties, and see the metadata reflected there.  The
> "caption" I entered on Digikam would be reflected in the "Title" and
> "Subject" fields in Windows.  An example is shown below.
> [cid:7f637d50-181e-47aa-854f-ceeca4804a8f]
> Today I was going through this process with some new files, and it isn't
> working as it used to.  So, what changed?  It seems that this process works
> OK for .jpg files, but not for HEIC files.
> So, the question is, how can I configure Digikam to write the metadata that
> I change to HEIC files?
> Thank you.

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