[digiKam-users] Can not connect from Mac Digikam 7.9.0 to MysqlServer Mariadb 15.1

digikam at macdev.de digikam at macdev.de
Sun Feb 19 13:06:55 GMT 2023

Hi there, 

I am trying to connect from a Mac Digikam 7.9.0 to Mariadb 15.1 running a PI4 at the moment.
I can connect to the Server and a db digikam on the PI from the Mac with a SQL Client like Sequel Ace without problems.
The only error I get form digikam is: Error was: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (60) QMYSQL:
Is there anything I could do to debug whats going on
Will try it from a digikam Windows client later on.

Best Regards,

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