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Alex Antão alex at familiaturista.com.br
Sat Feb 18 21:07:27 GMT 2023


   I'm new on Android stuff and need some help importing my photos from it.

   I have a Samsung phone. When I plug it, I have 2 basic options to transfer my photos. One of them is File Transfer, and if I choose this, Digikan show ALL files on phone, including MP3 and other stuff I think it shouldn't. But it a lot of files mixed with the real ones and it turns very dificult to choose the right ones.

     THe other option is Image Transfer. This limits the files to the images and videos, good, but it still show a lot of images. I can see on the list duplicated images, one of then is very small in size, like 50kb, and I think it's kind of a thumbnail generated by the phone. On the begining of the list, I always have a lit of images, and I thing they come from several applications, they are not on the Galery App, including, some images has WA on it's name, and I think it was generated by WhatsApp...

     It's very annoying, having to filter all those images. 

      Is there a way I can show only the images I need ? Hide All of those junk ?????

      There's no way I can filter by size or other thing on import window...

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