[digiKam-users] 8.0.0 Pre-Release Database Compatibility

Marc Palaus marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 16 16:14:56 GMT 2023


talking just from my anecdotal experience, I have been using the 8.0.0 
previews for several weeks now and I didn't have any problems regarding 
the database, the program just opened as usual and I could already see 
my photos. From a user perspective it's no different from opening a 7.x 
version, no visible migration or anything.

I even accidentally opened the 7.9 version more than once afterwards, 
and I didn't have a single issue either.

So yeah, make a backup of your database, but personally I wouldn't 
worry, things just worked for me.

El 16/2/23 a les 10:56, Bob Bourg ha escrit:
> I am eager to try out the new features of the 8.0.0 pre-release 
> especially related to exiftool and HEIC images, but I was hoping you 
> could comment on database compatibility. I will backup my database 
> before proceeding, and I accept any risks in the pre-release.
> 1) I assume that I can upgrade to 8.0.0 without rebuilding my existing 
> 7.9.0 database?
> 2) If I make updates to the database and to image metadata with the 
> exiftool backend in 8.0.0, would it be possible to downgrade back to 
> 7.9.0 but use the modified database?  I don't anticipate wanting to do 
> this, but I am just trying to understand what work might be lost if I 
> have to downgrade.
> Thanks to the team for a great application!
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