[digiKam-users] Wrong folder created on video import

Nino nino.kettlitz at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 12:27:33 GMT 2023


I was using the auto folder creation on import when importing files into my
album, but the behavior for videos (mp4) seems wrong.

Here is an example:

Filename: VID_20221103_204145.mp4 (Standard-Exif-Metadaten)
Metadata Date and Time : 2022:11:03 20:42:09
So metadata roughly matches the filename (maybe the time difference is
start and end of the recording).

Nevertheless the file gets imported into:
Which is neither the date when the video was taken, nor the date where the
file was copied to my PC (which is 4th of February).

Can somebody explain this behavior? Is this a bug or am I doing sth. wrong.

Best regards,
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