Incorrect permissions on files in Trash on NAS

Thomas sdktda at
Tue Aug 29 18:13:05 BST 2023

Yeah, I think the problem is the *.dtrashinfo files.

When I reset permissions on those, it works again. If I do NOT reset 
permissions on these files immediately after deleting an image, then 
subsequent deletion of images will fail... Which I find a bit odd... 
Because the user should be able to modify a file they made themselves...

On 2023-08-29 18:51, Maik Qualmann wrote:
> Is it just about the newly created *.dtrashinfo files? As Gilles already wrote,
> the image files are only renamed with QFile::rename and must retain their
> permission. The *.dtrashinfo files are created by QFile, we currently do not
> set any permissions, these are determined by the operating system from the
> value of the umask. On Windows the permissions are emulated using ACLs (Qt-
> Doc). Of course we can set a permission.
> Maik
> Am Dienstag, 29. August 2023, 17:36:37 CEST schrieb Gilles Caulier:
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>> Le mar. 29 août 2023 à 16:47, Thomas <sdktda at> a écrit :
>>> Is this a regression? I cannot recall having this issue previously.
>> I think no, as this code do not change since a while…
>> Gilles Caulier

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