Incorrect permissions on files in Trash on NAS

Thomas sdktda at
Tue Aug 29 13:22:24 BST 2023


When using DK on albums stored on a NAS (via Samba), I see a strange 
behavior with deleted files.

Deleted files are moved to the .dtrash folder. But here, they are given 
incorrect permissions/owership.


I delete a file in an album with permissions 0660 (rw-rw----)

The following file will then be created:

.dtrash/info/img_e8766-8cfbd914.dtrashinfo'  0744 (rwxr--r--)

This causes subsequent operations to fail as other users accessing the 
NAS share the same group and thus utilize the gorup writable feature.

Permissions on the .dtrash folder itself is: drwxrws---


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