soft proofing

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at
Sat Aug 5 15:26:45 BST 2023

Hi all

I'm trying to test different ICC profile relative to different paper 
So in the image editor, I'm trying different soft proofing option using 
different ICC I have downloaded.
I'm setting Soft proofing to on , but didn't see any difference
I'm also using the Soft proofing view but I don't know when the soft 
proofing is activated and displayed and when not.
looking at the manual , I 
notice that there is radio button in front of "Soft proofing view", but 
in my case I don't have it (using DK8.1.0 on windows). Is it normal?
Is there anotherĀ  way to know whent the sof proofing view is activated 
or not ?

ThanksĀ  and regards


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