Under Windows: AlbumRoots uuid(s)?

Paul Norman paul at paulanorman.info
Tue Apr 25 04:01:03 BST 2023


Under Windows you can normally do things like:


    And then ...

    start \\?\Volume{dd637aff-5761-4467-80c3-bfcb62c500e8}\

And it would open the appropriate volume in File Explorer in my case E:\

My entry in Digikam for the same drive shows in digikam4.> AlbumRoots  as:


And obviously

    start \\?\Volume{4261fb3f}\

— Is not going to work.

How is:

    Digikam > Settings > Configure - digikam > Collections

  from only volumeid:?uuid=4261fb3f achieving showing drive E: as the 
root please?

Using Digikam as our prime DAM, I want to be able to query the Sqlite 
(from Lazarus - FreePascal https://www.lazarus-ide.org/ ) and get the 
path to any image please.
— I can do this so far using digikam4.db.> Albums and a lookup from 
there on  AlbumRoots > albumRoot , with digikam4.db.> Images > album 
(etc.) and that gets me right up to getting the correct drive letter 
(or  \\?\Volume{<uuid>}\) under Windows.

I have not yet found anything in the Digikam data .db(s), 
digikam_systemrc or digikamrc, to cross-reference 
volumeid:?uuid=4261fb3f with, and assume it must be being done somehow 
in .ccp somewhere?

Any pointers appreciated please.

Kindest regards,

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