Digikam is not updating the preview or thumbnail after editing in Darktable

Andy Nesciado andy.nesciado at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 19:22:32 BST 2023

Ok, got it.
So if I want Digikam to display an "optimised" version of the photo
(including the edits made in darktable), I'd have to export/save a copy of
the edited photo f.e. as a Jpeg or a Tiff.
I thought that the embedded jpeg preview would be a reflection of the
edited photo, which would be updated by the editing program through the xmp
So it seems there is no other solution than to save an extra copy (not raw)
that includes the edits.

On Sat, Apr 22, 2023 at 7:23 PM Tomaschowski <tomaschowski at gmx.de> wrote:

> Oh, from my point of view it would not be good if the raw file was
> modified.
> My workflow is based on the analogous workflow:
>      1. The Raw File is the original - the negative film
> In Darktable:
>      2. I edit the raw file. Various alternatives emerge.
>      3. I develop these images by converting them to PNG or Tif in the
> best quality.
> In Digikam:
>      4. Here I can compare the different versions and choose the most
> suitable image
>      5. Digikam has the "Versions" function
>          I put the selected image in the required output formats in
> "Image Editor". Then I save the picture as "New Version".
> For example: HD ready format for WEB, CMYK format for print,
> high-contrast image for beamer.....
> Summary
> This gives me a perfect structure for my work files. And everything is
> arranged so clearly that I can keep the track of things.
> Best regards
> On 22.04.2023 17:25, Andy Nesciado wrote:
> > Thanks for explaining that to me, although it is bad news.
> > Is this something that happens only with Darktable? I thought the
> > purpose of xmp sidecars was that the data would be readable across
> > different programs.
> > If I would edit the raw file say with Adobe lightroom would Digikam be
> > able to read the those and update the preview accordingly?
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