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Thu Apr 13 15:16:05 BST 2023

Using Windows 7.

I could not get wildcards to work in exiv2.
The manual says  "$ exiv2 *.jpg Prints a summary of the Exif information 
for all JPEG files in the directory."
But that gives me "*.jpg: Failed to open the file".

Also, while fiddling with this, the length of exiv2.exe went to 0.  
Maybe the program got tired of my fiddling, or my computer is about to 


On 4/13/2023 7:02 AM, frederic chaume wrote:
> Hi All
> I found an option using exiv2 under windows
> >bin\exiv2.exe -pp -q P2280067_DxO-corrupted.jpg
> Exiv2 exception in print action for file P2280067_DxO-corrupted.jpg:
> P2280067_DxO-corrupted.jpg: The file contains data of an unknown image 
> type
> >bin\exiv2.exe -pp -q P2280067_DxO.jpg
> Preview 1: image/jpeg, 317x237 pixels, 17356 bytes
> >bin\exiv2.exe -pp -q .\P2280067.ORF
> Preview 1: image/jpeg, 160x120 pixels, 9080 bytes
> Preview 2: image/jpeg, 3200x2400 pixels, 1060974 bytes
> I think that could be a good solution to find corrupted jpeg. Based on 
> this I have some thought
> - as exiv2 is native with Digikam, I guess such error could be 
> visible? *Is there some "debug level" or some logs somewhere that 
> could report such errors ?*
> - I'm not expert on coding so don't know how to translate such command 
> to a recursive search on a set of folders?
> - seems to apply to raw also , but I don't have corrupted raw to 
> perform the test
> thanks to share your feedbacks and may be other option
> Frederic
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