unable to unset tag set externaly

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 17:55:12 BST 2023

Hi Remco

thanks for your feedback

yes, I'm talking about the tags or keywords that we have in digikam as 
well as in XMP

the problem is that when I unset the tags from DXO , XMP reflect this 
(no more tags in the XMP sidecars) , but the tags I still visible in DK
I have also set the "unify read and write" in the metadat settings and 
the option the read/write metadata in XMP


Le 06/04/2023 à 15:07, Remco Viëtor a écrit :
> On Thursday, 6 April 2023 13:19:04 CEST frederic chaume wrote:
>> Hi all
>> after the crash I had this week, I  have rebuild all my configuration ,
>> but I have a remaining problem with the tag
>> see the scenario below (done on a raw file and it was working well
>> before the crash)
>> - Set the tag in DXO => refresh the caption in DK, tag is seen correctly
>> in DK
>> - unset the tag in DXO => refresh the caption in DK but tag still
>> visible in DK even if the tag is no more in the XMP sidecar file
>> I tried multiple times and no change
>> I have removed the XMP and tried again, same problem still happened
>> in setting/metadata/advanced/tag the order I used is
>> lr.hierarchicaltag
>> dc.subject
>> Digikam.TagList
>> ...
>> the flag "unify read and write " is set
>> Any idea? thanks for your help
>> regards
>> Frederic
> Assumption: when you say "tag" it's the Digikam (keyword) tag.
> Maybe digikam won't remove tags when they have disappeared from the sidecar?
> Or when the XMP element where they are stored isn't in the sidecar? That could
> actually be considered a feature, as it would prevent losing information just
> because a poorly behaved other program doesn't conserve XML elements it
> doesn't understand.
> Afaik, sidecars in Digikam are an extra, not an essential part of the data
> structure and storage. So the database is the standard, and modifications
> should be conservative..

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