how to reinitialise access to flickr after DK crash

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at
Thu Apr 6 17:37:32 BST 2023


Another problem I discover after the DK crash , I'm no more able to 
export to flickr.
the file digikam_oauthrc was still present but the login wasn't visible.
So I decided to restart connexion process from scratch, so I removed the 
digikam_oauthrc file (after a backup)  and the permission in flickr and 
then I was expecting to restart the authentification process as 
described in the manual

So I used export/export to flickr but I got the "account selector" 
window instead of the flickr login window and a new digikam_oauthrc has 
been created with some tokens
And if I click to "add new account" I'm getting a black window called 
"flickr login"

what did I miss ? how to reinitialized the connexion ?

thanks in advance


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