Move to a new PC

Andrej Valencic andrej.valencic at
Tue Apr 4 08:35:59 BST 2023

I'm expecting to get a new PC soon and will of course have to move all 
my media and DK installation over. So I would like anybody to comment on 
my proposed workflow in doing so.

This is what I have at the moment:
- Win10 with 2 disk partitions: C: - system and E: - user's home dir
- DK 8.0.0 with mariaDB on local disk
- there are 4 different databases configured: dk, dk_face, 
dk_similarity, dk_thumbs
- all the media is located on the E: partition

The new PC will have a similar configuration only that there will be 2 
physical disks installed. So I will have the same configuration for 
system and user files - C: and E:.

Here is what I'm planing to do, please comment if you have any 
additional thoughts.

1. After initial Win 11 and user setup install mariaDB
2. Install DK with mariaDB and copy DK config files from the old machine
3. Copy all the media from the old machine
4. Restore only the dk database from the SQL backup
     - I'm not sure if this is needed but I would like to get all info 
transferred, especially things like searches, tags, tag tree and similar
5. Run DK again to read the media
     - I'm aware that in the database Collections are identified by 
volumeID not drive letters, so the question is do I have to 
change/refresh this in the configuration?
6. Run Maintenance in DK to check and rebuild the Thumbs database

Does this sound OK or did I forget something?


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