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Andrej Valencic andrej.valencic at
Tue Apr 4 08:33:30 BST 2023

Ups, sorry this is not intended for this conversation - my bad. :(

On 04/04/2023 09:31, Andrej Valencic wrote:
> I'm expecting to get a new PC soon and will of course have to move all 
> my media and DK installation over. So I would like anybody to comment 
> on my proposed workflow in doing so.
> This is what I have at the moment:
> - Win10 with 2 disk partitions: C: - system and E: - user's home dir
> - DK 8.0.0 with mariaDB on local disk
> - there are 4 different databases configured: dk, dk_face, 
> dk_similarity, dk_thumbs
> - all the media is located on the E: partition
> The new PC will have a similar configuration only that there will be 2 
> physical disks installed. So I will have the same configuration for 
> system and user files - C: and E:.
> Here is what I'm planing to do, please comment if you have any 
> additional thoughts.
> 1. After initial Win 11 and user setup install mariaDB
> 2. Install DK with mariaDB and copy DK config files from the old machine
> 3. Copy all the media from the old machine
> 4. Restore only the dk database from the SQL backup
>     - I'm not sure if this is needed but I would like to get all info 
> transferred, especially things like searches, tags, tag tree and similar
> 5. Run DK again to read the media
>     - I'm aware that in the database Collections are identified by 
> volumeID not drive letters, so the question is do I have to 
> change/refresh this in the configuration?
> 6. Run Maintenance in DK to check and rebuild the Thumbs database
> Does this sound OK or did I forget something?
> ----------------------
> Regards,
> Andrej

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