[digiKam-users] filtering pictures modified today

Dougie Nisbet dougie at katsura.uk
Tue Jul 26 17:00:19 BST 2022

On 23/07/2022 00:45, Marc Palaus wrote:
> In my case, I have a simple script that wraps digikam during startup, 
> reads the output log, and lists which files have been added and which 
> files have been removed during that launch.

Out of interest, how do you log output? I'm using the appimage and I 
don't know if that affects things. The only way I can find of logging is 
to use the

|export QT_LOGGING_RULES="digikam*=true"|

line as suggested for debugging and that's very verbose. I have a 
separate bash script that processes all the image files modified since 
the last time it was run and that works ok for me.

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