[digiKam-users] Exported image orientation different that in-Digikam display -- inconsistent XMP/EXIF/TIFF data?

Maik Qualmann metzpinguin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 18:15:33 BST 2022

With your metadata settings and the metadata in the image, the image is 
correctly aligned. How to you export and transfer to Android Phone?
Another possibility would be that Apple stores an alignment in the Makernotes 
that is read by the Android phone.


Am Samstag, 9. Juli 2022, 15:26:37 CEST schrieb PGNet Dev:
> On 7/9/22 8:58 AM, Daniel Bauer wrote:
> > But when I open the image in digikam editor, rotate it there and save it,
> > rotation persists also outside of digikam.
> > 
> > There is a notable difference in processing time whether I rotate in album
> > thumbnails (immediate) or in editor (a tiny little bit of time).
> > 
> > So digikam obviously rotates in different manners whether in album view or
> > in editor, but as said I have never investigated, I just click on it to
> > open in editor and rotate there... but I don't rotate a lot :-)
> > 
> > This different behavior still exists in my digikam 7.1.0/opensuse rpm
> Interesting.  As a test,
> I opened the image in Digikam's Image editor, rotated left, saved, rotated
> (back right), saved. So, again, displayed correctly IN Digikam.
> Next, re-synced.
> Same issue :-/  Image orientation of export is wrong ...

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