[digiKam-users] Building digikam sources with ffmpeg 5

Steven Robbins steve at sumost.ca
Tue Jul 5 03:07:36 BST 2022

Hello Gilles,

On Sunday, July 3, 2022 10:43:22 P.M. CDT Gilles Caulier wrote:

> ...It's a bad idea to compile digiKam with ffmpeg 5. digiKam code is
> not yet finalized (even if it compiles) and playing video will not
> work. Use the ffmpeg 4.x LTS instead.

That would be sensible; however, Debian has just transitioned to ffmpeg 5, 
removing ffmpeg 4 so this option is no longer available to me.  

After reading through bugs #453840 and #448681, I got the impression that 
there is a fair bit of effort going into porting -- after incorporating qtav 
into the digikam codebase.  I thought I'd jump in to see if I can be of help.  
Clearly, I don't know the code base at present, so that will be a first goal.  

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