[digiKam-users] Search for images with resolution greater than X

Thomas sdktda at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 08:35:00 BST 2022


How can I search for images with resolution higher than X?

I specifically want to search for images with a width greater than 
13.000 px.

Or alternatively, I want to search for images with an aspect ratio in 
which the width is more than double the height?

How can I do either of those things?

What I want to use it for is to locate all panorama images in my 
collection. Panorama images taken with a modern iphone does not all have 
the exact same resolution. Example resolutions of panoramas taken with 
the same phone are 13.214x3.788 px and 10.704x3.814

It seems the advanced search allows the user to search for both height, 
width, aspect ratio as well as pixel size (1, 2, 3 on the screenshot 
below). However, it seems to only accept an exact search criteria and 
not any ">" or "<" operators.

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