[digiKam-users] Error with Digikam and Darktable

Martien Korenblom martien at korenblom.nl
Wed Feb 9 19:32:31 GMT 2022


A new guy on the digikam mailing list here and barging in with a question

Setting up Digikam (7.5.0-3) as my DAM and Darktable (darktable 2:3.8.0-3)
as my RAW processor on Manjaro (21.2.3). Finally getting rid of
subscription based stuff.

I've set Darktable as my image editor of choice in Digikam
(Settings->Configure Digikam->Image Editor->RAW Behavior->Always open the
Raw Import Tool to customize settings) to ‘Raw import using Darktable’.

A selected RAW (tried both CR2 and RAF) file is opened fine by Darktable,
but when exiting Darktable the following error appears within Digikam:

error to import raw image with darktable

I’m trying to find out why this is happening, but I’m not sure where (and
how) to look.

I've also set up RawTherapee (temporarily) to check if I'm getting a
similar error there, but that seems to work fine. I’m unable to find
logfiles or journalctl entries relating to this issues, but maybe I’m
checking the wrong way. Can anybody help or guide me with this issue I’m

Does anyone know why this is happening or point me in the right direction?

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