[digiKam-users] Synchronizing metadata?

George Koulomzin george at koulomzin.com
Tue Feb 1 13:25:48 GMT 2022

Hello, I a new to the list, so please forgive me if these questions have 
been answered.

  * the archive is organized by month.  Is there a way of seeing thread
    topics by year, or longer?
  * how can one synchronize tag metadata (e.g. faces) across two
    computers.  I have a desktop pc with ALL my photos and a laptop with
    SOME of my photos (laptop is always a subset).  I've done face
    recognition on the laptop (subset); can I port the resulting
    metadata back to the pc so as not to have to repeat all the training?

Thanks in advance!

George Koulomzin
7 Bridge Hill Lane,
PO Box 781
Bridgehampton, NY, 11932
(h) 631-537-4956
(c) 914-393-6179
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