[digiKam-users] Need help connecting to an existing SQL DB

Fred Wilhelm siliconfalcon at live.com
Thu Oct 21 18:57:20 BST 2021

Hi all,

Am I doing something wrong? I have been asking this question for months now with no response. I’ve asked in tech forums and Reddit groups supposedly dedicated to Digikam. No responses.
If my question is too stoopid, please tell me I am a moron but please tell me why. I simply can’t find the answer to this anywhere.


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Subject: [digiKam-users] Need help connecting to an existing SQL DB

Hi Friends,

I have an Unraid server with the Digikam docker installation set to use a MySQL server. Everything is working great and I love the product.
Now, however, I would like to install the Windows version of Digikam on my laptop due to functionality issues in the Guacamole client.
When I go through the install, I am asked for the database connection info (which connects fine) but, when it completes the install, it creates a new set of empty tables and dumps my current database.
I do not want to run the Digikam server from my laptop because I have a cron job running to detect faces as pictures are uploaded to my personal cloud and the Unraid server is always running.

I am looking for the documentation to install Digikam on my Windows 10 laptop to use the existing MySQL database on my Unraid server.


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